You can get better. 

You have been binging for possibly months, but likely years.
You are grateful you've been able to keep it hidden from so many people, but you know you can't keep this up forever.
Going on another diet, isn't going to help
Because you're undereating, and overthinking
  • You're feeling stressed about going to the supermarket, avoiding having to do it daily, or weekly because it's too much.
  • You're researching diet after diet, cutting out meals, saying no to morning teas, avoiding meals with friends, just so people can think you are a healthy eater.
  • You're trapped between knowing what you should have, and uncontrollably eating foods you spend all day avoiding. All that stress and anxiety all in the name of not gaining weight?
Lazy Morning
And you've tried it out
What you learnt is...dieting causes you to gain weight
You want to join in
Happy Friends
...to the brunch dates and cocktail evenings. You want to go out for pizza and beers and eat normally, like everyone else
You can see how others are so carefree
...you know there is another way to view food and your body. You don't know where to start.
You don't want to start the rollercoaster again
...you know what you've tried before hasn't worked, but everyone tells you it should. You've told yourself you need to finally try something new.
End Exhaustion
Stop letting diets, 2-week challenges, and detoxes get in the way of stopping binge eating. Finally see results that last with a step-by-step framework, accountability, and resources 
Find Out How
Follow a programme based on the principles of enhanced cognitive behavioural therapy - the leading treatment for binge eating
Get Support
Jump on your personal food, stress and health tracking portal and get 1:1 support from a Registered Dietitian
I understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed.
That's why this evidence-based treatment programme has been made, just for you.
The Binge Eating Treatment Programme
On a Video Call
1. Schedule A Call
Book a free 30min zoom call with Erin to figure out if this programme is right for you
Filming a Video
2. Get Support
Once you're registered, you'll be coached through a 4 Pillar framework and be able to access 1:1 calls and weekly check-ins
Woman Eating Cookie
3. Feel normal again
Find the every day excitement in food again, over and over, without stressing
Feel In Control Again
Follow the tried and tested formula that will change your life.
Find out HOW to eat as well as WHAT to eat
Figure out what is keeping your eating problem going RIGHT  NOW
Work through eating patterns, emotions, and shape concerns
Learn to cope with life in a different way, without using food as both a comfort, and punishment
Dinner Party
So what's included...

The Binge Eating Treatment Programme accessible on desktop or mobile app

Weekly Office hours to ask questions to between 1:1 calls

1:1 Support with Erin either monthly or 3x/year

Extra trainings depending on questions asked each week and requested resources 

Personal monitoring portal in the app, and on the website, to track all of your health goals

About Erin
Erin loves working with people and seeing incredible changes. After she graduated from the University of Otago as a Registered Dietitian and started her own private practice, she soon learned that specialist care is inaccessible.
Since 2018, Erin has been providing online nutrition packages to over 100 clients across the UK and NZ. She has developed in-person workshops, resources, and classes to teach people how to take charge of their health.
Erin is a Specialist Mental Health Dietitian with unique experiences working with women and children from both community and inpatient mental health care. She has trained in CBT-E and Motivational Interviewing to help support her clients through their recovery journey. 
In this programme, Erin will provide 1:1 care and support directly to you. She will guide you through the 4 Pillars of Treatment which she has based on evidence-based research models and clinical experience. 
You can trust that you're going to be looked after with Erin guiding you along the way.
2020-11-13 18.12.21 0001.jpg
You Need A Plan.
Are You Ready to Start?
Perhaps you've tried this before, maybe you've done a few diets, tried skipping meals, worked on your willpower, drank loads of water
...without have a step-by-step strategic approach, and someone to help you along the way, progress could take years, or never happen.
You can get through this, you don't need to deal with it for another year.
Throughout this year you will use a programme that many women before you have followed. No more guessing, trialing, failing, you will be supported the whole way.
Not sure? CONTACT Erin now to discuss.
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What my client's have to say...

"Erin helped me to change how I view almost everything in life, and helped me to understand the role food plays"

"I have noticed such massive differences to my mental health...it was the final piece in the puzzle of recovering for me alongside medication and therapy. For anyone who is considering working with Erin I really wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

"I barely recognise the person I was before, and will forever be grateful to Erin for the person I am today."

DIY Package
$322.5/month (NZD)
The Beat Binge Eating System
Weekly personalised accountability coaching
Quarterly 1:1 coaching with Erin
Custom support with weekly Q&As
Weekly resources & training
Private app
Food and Mood tracking
The Ultimate Package
$430/month (NZD)
The Beat Binge Eating System
Weekly personalised accountability coaching
Monthly 1:1 coaching with Erin
Custom support with weekly Q&As
Weekly resources & training
Private app
Food and Mood tracking

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