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Stop binge eating, without going back to dieting.


Join the live workshop to learn 3 essential elements to get your journey started


This is for you if:


1. You have spent your life feeling CONFUSED about what to eat

2. You binge regularly and don't know how to control it

3. You're ready to change your life for good 

What you'll learn from this workshop

Bean Pod

Regular Eating

Learn the simple process we use to significantly reduce binge cravings


Rule Breaking

Learn the 1 rule you need to challenge daily


Coping with Emotions

Find out the secret to why you feel so overwhelmed by your emotions

9th and 10th December 8pm NZST


"To say this programme changed my life would be an understatement. Erin completely changed the way I viewed almost everything in my life and helped me to understand the role food plays fitting in around my life, rather than fitting my life around food." 

"I have noticed such massive differences to my mental health symptoms over the time I worked with Erin, it was the final piece in the puzzle of recovering for me alongside medication and therapy"

Who is leading this workshop?

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Erin Elizabeth

Owner/Registered Dietitian

Erin is a Specialist Mental Health Dietitian. She has worked in the public and private sector in London, UK, and New Zealand. Erin has worked in inpatient mental health hospitals providing support and advice for those struggling with severe mental illness and/or disordered eating behaviours. Erin has also worked with 100's of women and men to improve their health through optimised nutrition. 

Now, Erin exclusively helps women, and men, to finally find freedom from a life of binge eating. Join the next workshop to get started.