Start Prioritising You

Do you struggle with managing your diet alongside fluctuating mental health? Do you feel tired, fatigued, lack concentration or lack confidence with making changes?


I want you to feel nourished through food, comfortable with eating the things you love and accepting of your body. Are you ready to make a change?

Imagine a life where you:

  • Are free from counting calories and obsessing about food

  • Are free from yo-yo dieting and cutting out your favourite food

  • Feel confident with your food choices 

  • Have achievable goals that you're inspired to work towards

  • Make time for yourself and your well-being  

The Food+Mood 6 Month Programme


You will undergo a full nutrition assessment exploring your relationship with food and body image, diet history, eating patterns, health habits and more. You will then be supported to make realistic goals around what you want to achieve for the next week.


Each follow-up will recap and reflect on the previous goals, cover further nutrition queries and discuss further goals going forward.


After each session the goals that were set with be able to be viewed via the app. Where useful, interactive exercises and handouts will be provided to support you between sessions


You and I will be connected via a nutrition app. This app will function as our direct messaging link so you can message me whenever you like throughout your package with any questions or concerns that come up.  

How this works


During our first session we’ll spend 75 minutes together, via video or telephone, where I’ll do a full assessment of you. We’ll explore your medical and mental health history, your relationship with food, day-to-day habits, body image, and  what foods you currently eat. We will talk about your motivators and barriers, and together we will develop goals for you to work towards over the course of the package. After this initial session, we’ll meet weekly via video. You can also message me anytime between sessions.

I fully appreciate that changing habits that have been created over a lifetime won't happen in just one or two sessions. Changing habits takes time, commitment and ongoing encouragement and support. This is why I have chosen to offer packages rather than individual consultations. I believe this will give you a greater opportunity to achieve your wellness goals.

My Approach​


I want to empower you with evidence-based knowledge to help you say no to crash dieting, no to calorie counting and yes to healthy habits that free you from guilt and self-judgement. My approach is to guide you towards achieving realistic goals that you will be able to sustain long term - long after we work together.  

I work through a systems approach that takes into account more than just using internal motivation to help drive change. Together we will work through all aspects of your life, your daily schedule, your home and work environment, your stress levels etc. Creating healthy, supportive environments around you is one of the key factors we will focus on to help you achieve your wellness goals. Alongside this we will explore your food beliefs, behaviours, and internal self-talk while delving deep into what food means to you. I’ll help you become more aware of the internal and external factors behind your food choices and help you to create new habits around food. Break the cycle of guilt and judgement, improve your relationship with food, and empower yourself to understand how food impacts your mental health.