• Rachel Vraa

How to Drop Diet Mentality: An Introduction to Intuitive Eating

Do you struggle to find a balance between trying to be healthy and trying to feel normal? Is your pursuit of “health” taking over every aspect of your day-to-day life?

You’re not alone.

Do you:

  • find yourself worried about your weight and body every time you eat?

  • obsessively count calories or macros?

  • only eat the foods that fit within “your range” you’ve set for yourself?

  • try and stay extra healthy all day, or week, just to “ruin your progress” during the night or on the weekend?

  • weight or diet cycle, trying every fad diet in the book?

  • hold on to clothes in the hopes of them fitting when you can drop a few pounds?

  • feel anxious about going out to eat with friends because the restaurant might not have food that fit your standard of “healthy”?

  • decide to treat yourself but then end up eating everything in sight?

  • follow a binge by making sure you run an extra few miles the next day to make up for it?

  • find yourself constantly comparing your body to your friends, or influencers on social media?

  • repeatedly think you will be happy or satisfied if you can just get to that weight, or that size jeans?

Guess what? Life doesn’t have to look this way.

You are capable of working towards food freedom and body acceptance. You are capable of tuning in to your body’s signals and honoring its amazing intuition.

Intuitive eating is an anti-diet approach that uses 10 principles to guide us back to an improved relationship with eating and body. Attached is a downloadable resource that lists the 10 principles and short descriptions of each. Please print it off and stick it on your wall, reflect on it and use it as a reminder of your journey towards a more balanced approach to wellness.

Intuitive Eating Infographic
Download PDF • 196KB

If this speaks to you, please go check out the book, Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Anti-Diet Approach, 4th Edition by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, to dive into everything the authors have to offer.

Written by: Rachel Vraa


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